Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Photos

All is well with the Sullivan Fam.  The transition to a family of six has been extremely smooth.  Drew is an incredibly calm, content baby and we have lots of help with the big kids.  Zeke is a HUGE help and is a "diaper changer extraordinaire."  Drew is never at a loss for entertainment with this crew.


Our time in San Antonio is quickly coming to a close.  Brady has been reassigned to go fly the F-16 again and after a short requalification course in Phoenix (for 2 months), we will be moving to Germany for the next few years.  We are thoroughly looking forward to our upcoming adventures in Europe. 

We had some family in town a few weeks back for a little "staycation" at the JW Marriott.  We had a friend take some family photos while we were there.  For those of you in San Antonio, if you want a GREAT DEAL on some quality photos, contact Sarah Meeker.

Here are some of the other photos.  The kids are growing up SO FAST!!!  



Thanks for checking in on us.