Sunday, October 21, 2012


Brady & I enjoyed a couple of days on our own this weekend.  Nonnie & Granddad very kindly came in from Fort Worth so that we could take a little time for ourselves.  First, we got up on Saturday morning at 5am to drive to Canyon Lake to participate in the Annual Joint Base San Antonio Rambler 120, a bike/run/raft relay event.  We were participating with several friends from Brady's squadron.  Brady rode the entire 22 miles for the bike event, then he and I ran 3 miles as a part of the second leg relay, then we joined the second leg relay for a 1 mile raft.  We had a super time and really enjoyed ourselves.  Our team of eight did great and out of 37 teams we ended up placing 1st in our division.



Following the Rambler, we drove to Houston.  Our main purpose for the drive was to make an important vehicle change by selling my much loved Prius.  A few months ago Brady & I decided to sell the Prius to get one of these instead....
We chose to expand our vehicle seating options to help support

...our expanding family.

Baby Sullivan is scheduled to arrive mid-March.  We are not going to find out the gender ahead of delivery and we are very excited to welcome this sweet new baby girl or boy into the world.

It has been especially fun sharing this experience with the other three children.  Having "older" children to share in the joy has been one of my favorite parts.  It is funny to see their eyes widen as they recognize the fast growth of my belly.  They have opinions on name selection and even share thoughts on how they will help with the baby after he or she arrives.  Kaelyn's first name selection for the baby was first name, "Little", middle name, "Me".  Chloe's selection was "Chala"...the name she often gives her baby dolls. Needless to say, we are still brainstorming name options.