Sunday, January 20, 2013

Babymoon Trip to Hawaii

In January Brady and I took an incredible trip to Hawaii for our Babymoon. We spent 3 and a half days on the island of Oahu and then another 4 on Maui.  Oahu was nice, but Maui proved to be our absolute favorite. While many vacation spots boast beautiful views and incredible sights, Hawaii far exheeded my expectations and has been my all-time favorite vacation that I have ever taken. Being an outdoor kind of girl, I absolutely LOVED the climate, the scenary, the wildlife, the peaceful attitude of the locals, the food (I love seafood!), and the sand. We were about to walk about 20 yards from our hotel room and sit on the beach that provided consistent views of the migrating humpback whales jumping in and out of the water.  There was even an occasional sea turtle that would swim up to the shore line so that we could walk up and get in the water with him.  It was amazing. While we were gone Brady and I talked about what it would take to move and live on Maui. After 8 days we still felt we could have stayed just a few more although, I'm not sure what G.G. and Papa would have thought about our plan considering they stayed back to take care of the three kiddos while we were gone.



Our snorkeling adventure: Hanauma bay on Oahu

Yummy shaved ice!

I love waterfalls so this was one of my favorite hikes but "BURR" that water was freezing!

Hawaii boasted numerous incredible sunsets that we could observe each night from our hotel room patio.

I could barely catch a glimpse of my toes at this point...that ever-growing belly was beginning to obstruct my view.

Ahh...seafood.  So many good meals.
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