Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Girls Get Haircuts

I took Kaelyn in for a badly needed hair cut at the beginning of March. In May of last year, just before our wedding, Kaelyn took a pair of scissors to both sides of her head and removed a good chunk out of both areas. She is just now getting the hair on both sides to grow in at a normal length. Thank goodness. She told me the other day that she really wants to have long hair like Ariel (the Disney mermaid). I reminded her that if she wanted long hair like Ariel then she would have to quit "playing beautician" on her own hair. This the the third time that Kaelyn has taken on the job of cutting her own hair. The first time was right before Cousin Alli's wedding and it was by far the worst because she chose electric clippers as her cutting tool that time. I'm definately seeing a trend..a new self-delivered hairstyle right before a big event.

After K's haircut Chloe got her first professional trim too! She did very well with it and thought she was so big to sit in the chair all by herself.


  1. Jenny, I just have to tell you I'm thanking the Good Lord right now that I have two boys. At least if they decide to try cutting their own hair, it won't take quite as long for it to all grow back. :) The girls look PRE-CIOUS!!! BTW, I was glad to see your posts today, and I hope things are going great for you all. :)

  2. oh goodness, I adore Chloe's pearls! :) Alasdair just recently took to 'trimming' off the entire top portion of hair off of his head, so a buzz was in order, eeek!

  3. Very cute! Yes, 3 of mine have cut their hair but one in particular must have done ultimately about 6 different times! There must be something so tempting about it!