Monday, January 23, 2012

"Mommy's" Chloe

Shortly after Brady and I married, I attempted to teach Chloe to tell Brady that she was "Mommy's Chloe." She was obviously a Daddy's girl at heart so I thought I would tease him by teaching her to repeat the phrase anytime he was around. Of course, my plan backfired as soon as she learn she could get a rise out of me by saying no, she was "Daddy's Chloe," or "Bubba's Chloe." The girl is so smart and such a tease she would just walk up to me in the middle of the day, with a big grin on her face and say, "I'm Daddy's Chloe!" and run off to try to tempt me to chase after her. The last week Chloe has fixated herself to her sister and she says out loud all the time, "I am KK's Chloe," which pleases her sister to no end. This afternoon while I was making a cake, I overheard a conversation between the girls. Kaelyn told Chloe, "Chloe when we have cake tonight, I want you to have the first piece because you are the best sister I have even seen in the whole world." Chloe response, "Yay! I love cake!"

Chloe has taken off in the last several weeks as she has changed more and more from a baby into a little girl. About 2 weeks before his deployment, Brady decided that he thought it would be a good time to move Chloe from her crib to a toddler bed. Being that she was sleeping WONDERFULLY at night, and based on the fact that Brady was about to leave for 5 months, I was not very excited about "messing with a good thing" nor was I excited about facing the fact that my baby was rapidly turning into a little girl. I was certainly not thrilled at the idea, but Brady felt like she was ready and didn't want to miss another milestone while he was gone, so we did it. I use the term "we" loosely. He disassembled the crib and changed it into a toddler bed while I sat on the floor and cried.

The next week, two days before Brady deployed, I decided to go ahead and start the potty-training process with Chloe. I knew we were going to be at home for the next few days and this was one more opportunity to include Brady in this milestone so we decided to give it a shot. Chloe is a natural. We are on potty-training day 11 and I am amazed at how great she is doing. My sweet friend, Abbie Schneider prayed over me about this transition with Chloe and it worked. It is amazing what that kiddo will do for an M&M. And, it is equally amazing how loudly her siblings will cheer for her when they get M&M's to celebrate with her as well!

One of the last things that Brady told Chloe before he left was that she not grow up too much while he was gone. Well Daddy...she didn't listen very well.


  1. Oh my goodness! She looks so big in these pictures!! I LOVE reading your new blog. Thank you for continuing to share!!

  2. Jenny, you don't know me, but as you learned of Brady right after he lost Sara, I learned of Brady and his blog when she was very sick. A friend of mine on facebook was requesting prayers. I've been following his blog ever since. He communicates very well writing. It's been amazing to read about his life over the past couple years and follow Chloe's progress. I'm so happy for him (and Chloe too) that he met you. God has blessed you all! Since you started this new blog, I found the link to your old blog, and have found myself reading your story. I just wanted to let you know that I will continue to follow your blog (there are probably others like me). Congratulations on your marriage! May God bless you, Brady and your 3 adorable kids!

  3. I'm so glad you are keeping this blog! I cheered with Sara in high school and love to know how her little girl is doing! You are such a blessing for her! Keep up the amazing work, momma! :-)

  4. I too heard of Brady when the prayers were asked during the time he was with Sara. I followed his blog and learned of you. Went and read your blog and I too am so happy for both of your families and you became one. Congrats on your marriage and may God bless you with many, many years of a lifetime together filled with much love, health and happiness for the 5 of you!

  5. Does Chloe call you mommy or Jenny?

  6. I'm coming over from Brady's blog to follow your new journey as a family! What a blessing! So excited to keep up on Chloe's progress and now her siblings too!