Monday, February 20, 2012

My Social Sleeper

As I was tucking Kaelyn into bed tonight, she informed me that she did not like sleeping alone and that she would like to join her brother in his room for the evening. An extended conversation ensued as I tried to explain the reasoning behind why she needed to sleep in her own room.

*Side note: This is not an easy conversation for me to have with my children because I also do not like sleeping alone. It has nothing to do with being afraid but I sleep so much better if I am snuggled up right against a nice, warm, cozy friend...preferably Brady :) So, I'm not sure how convincing I am when I share with my kids about how they need to sleep on their own. Ha. When Brady and I got married in May I told him I had never slept better. I'm pretty sure he mentioned that he may not have slept as well since I insist on sleeping right up against him, pushing him to the edge of the bed. A complaint that I am pretty certain I have heard before. Some habits are just too hard to break. And some, I just don't want to.

Kaelyn: I don't have a person to sleep with tonight (downcast face)
Me: I know. Brother has school tomorrow and he needs his rest.
K: I will lay next to him and be VERY still. I will not bother him and he will be able to go right to sleep.
Me: I know. But it is also important that you sleep on your own sometimes and tonight is one of those times.
K: But you get to sleep with Daddy every night!
Me: I do? I don't see Daddy anywhere. I certainly don't remember sleeping with him last night and I think I would remember! Is he hiding in this house and I do not know it!
K: But when he is home you sleep with him EVERY night.
Me: That is true. But I don't ALWAYS get to sleep next to him and when I was little like you I didn't always get to sleep right next to someone. It is my job as your mommy to make sure that you practice sleeping on your own sometimes so that when you need to, you will be ready (I'm grasping at straws with some of this reasoning...right?)
....I need to make sure that when you grow up you are ready for everything....that you know how to sleep next to someone, that you know how to sleep on your own, that you know how to sleep in a bed or on the floor. I need to make sure that you are confident, tough and VERY flexible for whatever you need to do in life.
K: (smiling) Really Mom...on the floor?
Me: You never know....I just have to make sure that you are ready.
(whew....talked my way through that one and she seemed to buy into it) :)


  1. Your posts never fail to make me smile, even if it's not a "funny post" your joy in life shines through in each post. I'm so happy for you and Brady and the kids! May God bless you! :)

  2. You're so funny!! I can just hear this conversation happening! I've never heard the term "social sleeper" until I met you, but I like it - and it's been added to my vocabulary :)

  3. This story made me laugh a little. I know one day I will be having the same conversation with Cydney, she too likes someone to lay down with her. Good Job!

  4. haha, adorable...really Mom, on the floor! :)

  5. Boy do I miss that sweet girl...she sure knows how to make EVERYONE smile! Love ya friend and miss you so!

  6. Just catching up on some reading and LOVE this post! Think I might be using some of your reasoning on my son tonight!